What is a Brachymetatarsia?

The condition known as Brachymetatarsia is a foot condition that occurs when there’s an incomplete development of metatarsal bone(s) in the foot. The metatarsal bones can be found at the forefront of the foot between the base of the toe (proximal phalanges) and tarsal bones. The condition is most prevalent on the fourth metatarsal bone, however, can affect any of the five metatarsals.


More common in women than men, Brachymetatarsia occurs when the affected metatarsal bone fails to develop fully, or its growth plate closes earlier than the rest of the surrounding bones. In these cases, the other metatarsal bones continue growing, resulting in a short toe appearance. Though this is usually a congenital condition, growth and development may also stop due to trauma, infection, tumor resection, or surgery.


  • One toe is much shorter than the other four toes
  • Uneven weight distribution
  • Pain and discomfort while walking
  • Pain on the front of the feet
  • Calluses
  • Unable to wear select shoes


Understanding the underlying causes and properly diagnosing your condition is the first step to treatment. We then provide a holistic approach to helping patients and their families through their surgical journey. Properly supporting you and/or your child, while educating you on the details helps us ensure the most successful outcomes possible. Our hands on, team approach makes patients feel supported throughout the whole treatment process.

To learn more about your condition and receive a diagnosis, schedule a virtual consultation with one of our experienced orthopedic doctors. During this consultation, all your questions will be answered as our specialists guide you through the evaluation process.

Conservative treatment

  • Anti-inflammatory medication
  • Shoewear modification
  • Orthotics

Surgical treatment


Brachymetatarsia Treatment

Case study

22 year old girl with brachymetatarsus on right foot
26 year old girl with brachymetatarsus


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