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I recently had bunion surgery at the Verdun Hospital on both feet. According to me it was an extremely excellent operation. I am proud of my feet. They were extremely deformed. I am 65 years old and the recovery was fantastic. Dr. Gdalevitch does this very new procedure and on me it worked well. I recommend this procedure to anyone looking to remove their bunions. The verdun hospital staff were excellent . Thank you to everyone their and especially to Dr. Gladevitch.!!

Dr.Leitch one of the best Dr. ever, always had time to exlpain everything, operated on our son, excellent results.

Dr Gdalevitch was caring and took her time to explain all about my bunion surgery, as well as to answer all my questions. I healed as well as could be from the surgery! Her approach, patience and devotion to her work and her patients showed throughout the follow-up appointments. I am so pleased that I have referred a family member and an acquaintance to her. The staff and punctuality ratings did not get perfect scores because I was treated in a hospital setting….. it had nothing to do with this GREAT doctor!!

Dr. Caroline Forsythe is very present for her patients, she worked small miracles on my two daughters who were no longer walking. She is very conscientious, she is a golden doctor. I have always felt confident with her.

Dr. Leitch is one of the most compassionate and approachable surgeons I’ve ever met. She related immediately at my 6-year old’s level and calmed her down at that “scary” emergency. She is phenomenal with her little patients and their parents.

Dr. Caroline Forsythe, I am very grateful and in awe of her professionalism, her humanity, and her skills, my son is very lucky to have her!

Dr Gdalevitch operated my son 3 times. First time he was 2. She was so human and professional that we followed her when she switched hospital. She is direct, you know exactly what is going on and what will happen. Reacts quickly too, a few days after his 3rd operation my son had a little accident and we were able to see her the following day to make sure all was ok.


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