What is Congenital Limb Deficiency?

Congenital limb deficiencies are conditions present at birth that are characterized by missing, incomplete or abnormally formed bone. Examples of these conditions include Congenital short femur, Congenital femoral deficiency, Fibular hemimelia, tibial hemimelia and congenital pseudarthrosis of the tibia (CPT). In some cases, the conditions can occur in conjunction with one another. Deformity related to limb deficiencies can range from relatively minor to severe cases and typically diagnosed at birth. Not all treatment for these conditions are the same, and treatment may vary depending on the severity, age, symptoms and health of your child.


The exact cause of congenital limb deficiency is not known however may be associated with exposure to certain conditions when the baby is developing in the uterus. These may include chemicals, viruses, and medications. Other causes such as genetic abnormalities, growth restriction, and mechanical forces may also cause abnormal development.


  • Complete or partial absence of the limb
  • Duplication or deletion often seen in form of additional or missing fingers or toes
  • Over or under growth of a limb that presents much larger or smaller than normal
  • Fracture that does not heal in a child with known diagnosis of CPT


Understanding the underlying causes and properly diagnosing your condition is the first step to treatment. We then provide a holistic approach to helping patients and their families through their surgical journey. Properly supporting you and/or your child, while educating you on the details helps us ensure the most successful outcomes possible. Our hands on, team approach makes patients feel supported throughout the whole treatment process.

To learn more about your condition and receive a diagnosis, schedule a virtual consultation with one of our experienced orthopedic doctors. During this consultation, all your questions will be answered as our specialists guide you through the evaluation process.



Epiphysiodesis and Hemiepiphysiodesis


Gradual Deformity Correction with External Fixation


Gradual Deformity Correction with Internal Fixation


Gradual Lengthening with Internal Fixation


Gradual Limb Lengthening with External Fixation


Super hip, knee and ankle

Case study

19 year old male with congenital knee fusion
2 ½ year old girl with Super hip


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