We provide a holistic approach to helping patients and their families through their limb lengthening journey and ensure the most successful outcome possible. Our hands on, team approach makes patients feel supported throughout the whole process from patient intake to height realization.

Virtual consultation
Physical appointment
3 Month Lengthening Phase
Consolidation phase & follow-up
Nails Removal
Final Results

Virtual consultation

During your first virtual consultation, we discuss the details of limb lengthening surgery. This consultation is to ensure you know all of the details and are ready to follow through with every aspect of the limb lengthening process. Patients feel comfortable asking questions and can use the information from the appointment to decide if they are ready to move forward to a physical assessment.

Physical appointment & Surgery Planning

During your physical appointment, we will take X-rays, and assess proportions and muscle contractions to determine if patients are a good candidate. Our physiotherapist will also meet with patients at this stage to prescribe pre-operative stretching exercises.

It usually takes about 1 month to plan your surgery. Patients will make arrangements to move to Montreal for the three months in order to receive the best care possible during their treatment.


On the day of surgery, patients meet with their doctor and discuss the procedure once again. During surgery we will install the magnetic nail lengthening system on either the femurs or the tibias.

After surgery patients stay with us for approximately 2 nights, before returning home to their accommodations in Montreal. Services are provided to patients during the first week to help with their recovery.

3 month lengthening phase

One week following surgery, the lengthening phase begins. This process typically lasts 3 months to achieve about 8cm of length. Patients will use an external remote device to lengthen the bones .75-1mm per day.

Physical therapy

During their time in Montreal, patients will undergo physiotherapy 5 days a week with our specialized physiotherapist. At home, patients will be required to perform their own exercises 3 times per day to continue the stretching process.

Consolidation phase

The consolidation phase occurs once patients have achieved the maximum length. At this time, they can return home to perform monthly X-Rays and virtual follow up visits. These visits will determine how well the bone is healing and whether or not patients can continue to increase their activity.

Nails removal

One year after the procedure and when the bone is completely healed, we will remove the magnetic nail lengthening system. Removal of the nails is a minor procedure. It requires the overnight stay in Montreal and the following day you may return home.


Stature lengthening provides favourable height gain, patient satisfaction, and functional outcomes, with low rates of major complications.

Lengthening is customizable for patients, with most gaining up to 8cm of height in the femur and up to 7cm in the tibias. Improvements in confidence as a result of their new stature allows patients to experience an improved sense of well-being and overall quality of life. 

Question often asked about the lengthening procedures. Dr. Marie Gdalevitch addresses major concerns.

Highly specialized expert care at CLLC

At the Canadian Limb Lengthening Centre we offer complex deformity correction and limb lengthening surgeries performed by experienced surgeons with the most up to date technologies. When it comes to your care, and treatment of deformity and limb length discrepancy, our surgeons have extensive training and experience.