What is Postero-Medial Bowing of Tibia?

Postero-Medial Bowing (PMB) of Tibia is a rare condition that is present at birth. The child is born with the top of the foot nearly touching the front of the tibia. This condition needs to be differentiated from calcaneo-valgus foot.

In PMB the tibia bone is bent in the middle. An inward twist of the tibia and an outward deformity of the ankle joint can also be seen. As children grow, the deformity may start to look more “normal” as the foot begins to straighten, however an inward bend of the tibia (towards the midline of the body) can still be seen in the shin. Treatment focuses on addressing any leg length discrepancy (LLD) as the child grows. At the end of growth this LLD can be significant (4-6cm).


The cause of posteromedial tibia bowing is unknown. It is thought that the positioning of the baby inside the womb may be a factor in the development of this condition.


  • Curved or bowling tibial appearance in the medial direction
  • At birth the foot is bent in upward position
  • Improper limb development and mobility
  • Size difference of the feet and leg length difference that develops over time
  • Twisting of ankle and subtalar joints to compensate for bowing
  • Disturbed gait


Understanding the underlying causes and properly diagnosing your condition is the first step to treatment. We then provide a holistic approach to helping patients and their families through their surgical journey. Properly supporting you and/or your child, while educating you on the details helps us ensure the most successful outcomes possible. Our hands on, team approach makes patients feel supported throughout the whole treatment process.

To learn more about your condition and receive a diagnosis, schedule a virtual consultation with one of our experienced orthopedic doctors. During this consultation, all your questions will be answered as our specialists guide you through the evaluation process.

Conservative treatment

  • Observation
  • Manipulation and exercises (to help bring foot back down)
  • Serial casting
  • Shoe lifts

Surgical treatment


Gradual Deformity Correction with External Fixation


Gradual Lengthening with Internal Fixation


Gradual Limb Lengthening with External Fixation

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