Stature lengthening is also known as cosmetic height surgery. For those interested in height enhancement we offer leg lengthening, during which both legs are lengthened at the same time. Some patients also choose to undergo lengthening of the upper arm (humerus) to create a more proportional stature. This surgery is a gradual process that safely and effectively increases limb length by activating the body’s bone regeneration response. This is done using an advanced internal fixtation system that gradually separates two bone segments to allow new bone to form in the created space. As new bone forms, the overall length of the bone and limb is increased.

Indications / Candidacy

Stature lengthening is best suited to healthy patients who are unhappy with their height and want to be taller. Candidates will be assessed by one of our surgical specialists to ensure that all physical and psychological criteria are met for cosmetic limb lengthening. Though the internal fixation system that we use for stature lengthening is very versatile, not every patient meets the requirements. Patients should be highly motivated individuals who are willing to participate in their surgical and post-operative rehabilitation protocols.

Additionally, good candidates for this procedure experience:

  • A short stature
  • A desire to increase height for cosmetic reasons
  • Lack of confidence due to their height or stature
  • Psychologically stability
  • Complete skeletal maturity

Treated Conditions

Around the world men and women are turning to limb lengthening to become taller and enhance their stature. It has been reported that the PRECICE system offers patients limb lengthening with less pain and lower complication rates than previous methods. With highly specialized expert care, we have developed a holistic approach to help patients who experience anxiety, distress, or unhappiness due to their height. Stature lengthening can help treat conditions such as:


Height dysphoria

How do you achieve limb lengtehning with CLLC?

Virtual consultation
Physical appointment
3 Month Lengthening Phase
Consolidation phase & follow-up
Nails Removal
Final Results

We provide a holistic approach to helping patients and their families through their limb lengthening journey and ensure the most successful outcome possible. Our hands on, team approach makes patients feel supported throughout the whole process from patient intake to height realization.

Surgical Technique

Stature lengthening can be performed on the tibias, femurs, and humerus. Our centre offers an advanced internal limb lengthening system called the PRECICE nail. This system relies on magnetic interaction between the PRECICE nail and the PRECICE external remote controller (ERC). The implant nails are placed into the intermedullary canal (hollow inner part of bone) and then locked into place with bolts on either end. Before final fixation of the nail, the bone is cut through a small skin incision to create two segments. A small incision helps to preserve all the soft tissues around the bone and leaves patients with less scaring.

Seven to ten days following surgery, the bone is distracted by placing the magnet (ERC) on the skin which then activates the nail to lengthen. Lengthening is done at approximately 0.75- 1mm per day until the desired length is achieved. Once the length is achieved the consolidation phase starts and the bone heals around the nail.

The PRECICE ERC is programmed in order to accurately lengthen the femur or tibia based upon the surgeon’s prescription. Bi-monthly clinical and radiographic evaluations are performed to confirm the lengthening and new bone formation. The rate of lengthening may be modified by the surgeon to match the quality of the new bone formation and how the muscles are responding to the lengthening.  The nail can also be used to compress the bone, if required clinically and programmed by the treating physician.


Stature lengthening provides favourable height gain, patient satisfaction, and functional outcomes, with low rates of major complications. Lengthening is customizable for patients, with most gaining between two to five inches of height. Improvements in confidence as a result of their new stature allows patients to experience an improved sense of well-being and overall quality of life. 

Femur being lengthened 8cm

Potential Complications

As with any surgical procedure, stature lengthening can have difficulties and complications. Limb lengthening is a procedure performed on the main bones that carry the body and therefore the decision to undergo lengthening should not be taken lightly. Though extensive measures are taken to avoid complications every patient’s experience is different. Complications and side effects may include:

  • Joint contractures due to lengthening (hip, knee and ankle)
  • Deformity of bone
  • Delayed union, non-union or malunion of bony regenerate
  • Infection of bone (osteomyelitis)
  • Nerve injury due to traction from lengthening (Neuropraxia)
  • Neurovascular injury or Compartment syndrome (very rare)
  • Fat embolism syndrome or Pulmonary embolism (very rare)

Our limb lengthening specialists are aware of, and ready to respond to complications. With access to a team of surgeons, our care offers diverse knowledge any potential complication or challenge. Patients can rest assured knowing they are well taken care of.

Pre-Operative Care

  • An extensive medical history will be taken during your initial assessments
  • It is recommended that you stay active, eat a healthy diet, and stop smoking prior to any operation
  • Certain medications and vitamins may need to be stopped several weeks before operating
  • Discuss all medications and over the counter drugs with your surgeon
  • Use a calendar or agenda to organize your pre and post appointment dates
  • Make arrangements for personal care givers after surgery

Post-Operative Care

  • Immediately after surgery, patients are allowed to partially weight bear on the operated leg(s) and are encouraged to mobilize as soon as possible.
  • Patients can expect to be hospitalized for 24-72hrs after the surgery
  • The dressings are changed in the hospital on post-operative day 1 or 2 and then kept until the first clinic visit.
  • Patients are not allowed to shower or get their incisions or dressings wet until their first follow up.
  • Seven to ten days after surgery, the lengthening will begin by using the ERC portable magnet that will be programmed by Dr. Gdalevitch for the appropriate lengthening rate.

Patients who will undergo this procedure should read:
Immediate post-operative care
ERC magnet instructions for lengthening

Follow-ups after surgery

  • Patients will be required to attend all post-operative appointments
  • The first follow up visit will be 7-10 days after surgery to check the incisions and remove the dressings.
  • Follow ups will then be bi-monthly with radiographs until the lengthening phase is complete.
  • Patients are required to undergo intensive physiotherapy during the lengthening phase. Physiotherapy session will focus on mobilisations of surrounding joints.
  • Once lengthening is complete, follow-up will be monthly until complete bone consolidation is shown on radiographs.

Case studies

22 year old male


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