Experience limb lengthening and deformity correction through case study examples of our patients. Learn about the conditions, diagnostics, treatment plans and results that have changed the lives of patients at the CLLC.


58 year old man With large LLD in left hip and femur
11 year old girl with LLD
13 year old girl with rickets (underlying bone problem)
35 yr old woman with leg deformity (knocked knee)
17 year old girl with rickets
19 year old male with congenital knee fusion
30+ year old female with ankle pain due to non-well healed fracture
76 year old lady with ankle fracture
10 year old girl with Perthes disease
46 year old man with osteomyelitis of right tibial
50 year old man with fracture of tibia
35 year old lady with ankle pseudarthrosis
18 year old with open fracture with bone loss
22 year old girl with brachymetatarsus on right foot
26 year old girl with brachymetatarsus
46 year old man with deformity of the foot and ankle with charcot
11 year old girl with Genu valgum
28 year old man with growth arrest of the bone
49 year old lady with knee deformity
13 year old girl with LLD due to infection
10 year old boy with achondroplasia
15 year old hockey player with right hip pain and FAI with CAM
14 year old boy with right hip pain
12 year old boy with right hip SCFE
5 year old girl with habitual dislocation of the knee
28 year old man with big trauma to knee
48 year old man with knee ankylosis
16 year old boy with Post perthes deformity
39 year old lady with Bialteral Hallux valgus (bunions)
60 year old lady with hallux valgus bunions
7 year old girl with CPT
2 week old baby boy with Bilateral clubfeet
2 ½ year old girl with Super hip
22 year old male
Patient with hip pain
29 year old man with fibular hemimelia and LLD on right tibia
34 year old lady with left femur valgus and LLD of the left leg
70 year old man with pain with tennis and other activities


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